Hi, I'm Heather
Mind-Body LifeCoach
Sound Healing Practitioner in
Cork, Ireland

I am so glad you have made it here. You are so welcome and I can’t wait to get to know you more through in person events, coaching or online via zoom.

I’m here to help you gently unfurl from sensations of being stuck to blossoming into your best self.

Women I have worked with now feel free, stronger in themselves, lighter from anxieties & stresses, and are leading their own lives with tools I have shared with them. 

Each person has their own beautiful tapestry of experience and expression, therefore I will meet you where you are and help you to craft a plan to reach your goal. 

Rebuilding the relationship with your body, aligning with your desires and finally feeling free of fear are some examples of goals that I can help you with. 

Each session is bespoke and unique, intuitively led, co-created by us both. 

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process where we work together to discover a path of somatic (body & mind), energetic, emotional and spiritual fulfilment. We focus on how you can take action and move towards what you most care about. 

How does it work?

The process brings sustainable, embodied transformation through the pathway of somatic awareness, practice, and understanding of social context and culture. This means that in our sessions we talk, connect with the body, discover internal narratives and relational experiences, acknowledge where we take action or non action and we co-create a plan for moving with that. Sessions can be done in person in at my therapy room in Cork City or online if that is more suitable.

Is it right for me?

Do you want stronger connection between your body, mind & soul?

Do you want more energy & deeper feelings of aliveness?

Do you want to engage in your life’s purpose?

Are you feeling stuck in current patterns of relationship to yourself or others?

Do you need support with current life challenges?

Mind-Body Coaching can help with this. 

If you are currently in crisis then I would gently encourage you to seek professional mental help support of a psychotherapist or from your GP. Coaching is not a substitute for physical or mental health treatment or advice. 

Sessions May Also Include:

Somatic Awareness

We get to know our patterns and responses to explore if what we are practicing is aligned with what we most care about, with who I want to become, with the difference I want to make, and especially how I want to be under pressure?

Art / Sound Therapy

Tools to support bringing form to our internal landscape, which we may not yet have language for. 

Oracle / Tarot Cards

Intuitive guidance to support conversation or exploration. 

Essential Oils

Pure Plant essences support emotional and energetic wellbeing. Supporting the nervous system for anchoring new pathways of growth and change. 

What did previous clients say?

What people just like you have said about working with Heather through the coaching process:

"I’ve gained self-respect, respect for others, healthier relationships, better mental health, clarity in my life choices. I’ve learned too much to write in a paragraph, but the most valuable thing I’ve learned is the how. How to turn the knowledge into actionable steps and Heather has helped me do that. My whole life has changed. I feel much more comfortable and content in the life I live now. I feel more authentic and true. I’ve gone after things I’d wanted for a long time, and let go of the things that I once wanted, but didn’t anymore"

How you can get started today...

Breakthrough Session

Discover a greater insight into the truth of what is possible for you and your potential. A session for shifting perspective, setting action steps for goals, nervous system regulation, adjusting to change or moving beyond perceived limitations.

Online or In Person Cork City

4 Week Coaching

Develop greater confidence and self-esteem through this program. We will align with your values & desires, develop sustainable, embodied transformation by addressing blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional anchors and somatic patterns.

Online or In Person Cork City

12 Week Coaching

Move into a place of stable self-worth, authenticity, emotional maturity, clarity on your life purpose, thriving connections with your body and in relationships with others.

Online or In Person Cork City

"I was so impressed with the whole service from beginning to end. Heather has a multitude of skills and knowledge which she incorporates into her coaching, making it so eye opening and really challenges the self limiting beliefs I had about myself and life. Amazing!!"
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