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Sound Healing in Cork, Ireland.

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1:1 Sound Healing

Sound healing is a holistic healing modality that uses the power of sound to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. One-to-one sound healing sessions in Cork City, are a personalised approach intended to address an individual’s specific needs and concerns. During a typical session, the practitioner will use various sound tools such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and tuning forks to produce healing frequencies that resonate with the recipient’s body and energy field. 

The sounds are believed to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall relaxation. As a one-to-one approach, the session focuses solely on the recipient, allowing the practitioner to tailor the session to your unique needs and personal preferences. Sound healing can be a powerful tool for those seeking an alternative approach to healing that promotes overall wellness and balance in a safe and non-invasive way.

1:1 Sound Healing with Cacao ceremony

Amplify and deepen your experience by including cacao to open your heart to your highest potential and possibilities.

Cacao helps us slowly shift from the busyness of life and allow us to reconnect with our own essence through the heart space.

A cacao ceremony involves drinking a warm beverage made from pure cacao, which is known for its mood-enhancing and heart-opening properties. The ceremony itself involves the sharing and setting intentions for the experience. This includes meditation, chanting, gentle movement, or other practices aimed at promoting personal growth and self-discovery. The ceremony is not only a unique experience but can also help you to connect with your inner self and build a stronger personal relationship.

"The sound of the rain needs no translation. In music one doesn't make the end of the composition the point... Same way in dancing, you don't aim at one particular spot in the room... The whole point of dancing is the dance." Alan Watts

Sound healing allows space for healing without the NEED for speaking, explaining or putting a story on. It is a passive form of healing, where just 'being' is all that you need to do.

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1:1 sound Healing


1:1 Sound Healing with Cacao ceremony


Sound Healing contraindications:

Pregnant women are advised to be cautious when participating in any form of sound healing, especially during the first 12 weeks, by avoiding sound instruments being placed on the body, and anyone with serious mental health issues should always consult their doctor before receiving sound therapy.

Those with sound-induced epilepsy should always consult their doctor to ensure they receive the best anti-epileptic medication and are in no danger of seizures caused by healing sounds vibrations.

For people with an implanted heart pacemaker, stent, or shunt, always keep the sound instruments at a minimum distance of 20 cm, and never use them directly on or near metal implants.