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I help women who feel tired of trying to do it all feel more alive and aligned without adding any more to your to-do list.

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Services Overview

Mind-Body Coaching and Sound Healing are complimentary methodologies of promoting increased capacity to be with experiences in our lives with more presence, purpose and power. 

I offer a unique approach to sustainable, embodied, purpose driven transformation through supporting you make contact with sensation, emotion, limiting beliefs, somatic patterns, internal narratives and relational experiences. 

Overall, I offer my full open-hearted attention and commitment to supporting you move toward what matters most to you. 

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be"

- Maya Angelou

How You Can Work With Me


Following a unique ‘Cycle of Change’ Framework, explore how you can move towards your most desired life.


Using therapeutic Tibetan Sound Bowls, voice and other instruments, find relaxation and support your path self-discovery.


Chose from upcoming events, or contact me for bespoke offerings to suit your needs.

Our Initial Process

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A digital copy of our agreement will be emailed to you to ensure terms and conditions are clear and we take it from there!


"Looking back, it felt lonely. I was quite lost and always searching for answers. I was living a lot of my life through others and for others. I was also quite angry and frustrated, at people and life in general. I was very much stuck in a story and had a fixed mindset. I learned a lot of new things from Heather. It was as though now I had the picture of the completed puzzle, and I didn’t have to do as much guesswork anymore. I feel much more comfortable and content in the life I live now. I feel more authentic and true. I’ve never felt richer than in the life I have now."
Artist and Software Designer

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